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Pinpoint Ovulation with Confidence

Conceive faster with OvaCue – patented and proven technology empowers you with accurate, personalized fertility predictions up to 7 days before ovulation.

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Pinpoint Ovulation with Confidence

Conceive faster with OvaCue – patented and proven technology empowers you with accurate, personalized fertility predictions up to 7 days before ovulation.

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Get Pregnant Faster

Multiple sensors provide more information about your cycle than any other monitor

Irregular Cycles & PCOS

OvaCue recognizes changing trends in your cycle data to effectively pinpoint ovulation, even for long and irregular cycles.

With you Every Step

Friendly and knowledgeable Ovulation specialists are ready to help you along your TTC journey with ongoing email, phone, and chat support.

Take Charge of Your Fertility

OvaCue syncs with OvaGraph, the official charting tool of Toni Weschler’s best-selling book about the fertility awareness method, Taking Charge of your Fertility. Share charts with your OBGYN and get support from others in the community.

“There are many fertility monitors on the market, but this one is worth the investment. You get double monitoring with two different types of sensors to use daily.”  -Amanda,  2018

A Fertility Monitor Can Reduce the Time it Takes You to Conceive

When you’re ready for a baby, there is no time to waste – which means making the most of every cycle. Accurately identifying the days of the month that you are fertile gives you a higher chance of getting pregnant.  OvaCue Fertility Monitor  is an electronic fertility monitor that pinpoints your fertile window and confirms when ovulation has likely taken place.

The OvaCue includes a handheld monitor and two sensors – oral and vaginal – that collect your cycle data. The monitor tracks trends in your data to determine your most fertile days, which are displayed in an easy-to-read, color-coded calendar.

What Makes OvaCue Different? (Hint: It’s Not Just Another Period Tracking App or BBT Thermometer)

  • Predicts Your Fertile Days Up to 7 Days In Advance So You Can Plan Your Life Around Your Fertile Window
  • Gives Additional Peace of Mind by Not Only Predicting Ovulation but Also Indicating When Ovulation Has Likely Taken Place.
  • No Recurring Costs for Urine Test Sticks or Charting Subscriptions.
  • Works for Women with Irregular Cycles and PCOS Too.
  • Fast – Testing Takes Only a Few Seconds Each Day.
  • Synchs Seamlessly with OvaGraph, the Companion App to OvaCue and the Official Charting Tool of Toni Weschler’s best-selling book about the fertility awareness method, Taking Charge of Your Fertility – Share Your Charts with Your OBGYN and the TTC Community
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable Customer Service and Support – Comes with 1 Year Warranty.
  • Want More Detail on How OvaCue is Different? Take a Look at Our Fertility Monitor Comparison Chart.

How It Works – The Electrolyte Method

No Expensive Test Sticks to BuyOvaCue measures changes in the electrolyte levels in your saliva and cervical mucus that are impacted by the hormone estrogen. Unlike urine-based fertility monitors that require messy (not to mention costly and bad for the environment) urine testing, OvaCue uses the patented Electrolyte Method to predict PLUS confirm ovulation.

Simply place the oral sensor on your tongue daily and OvaCue will record a reading of the electrolyte resistance in your saliva. The monitor will track trends in these readings, looking to identify a specific trend (called the “Cue Peak”) that marks the beginning of your fertile window. Once this trend is detected, your fertility calendar will show varying shades of blue (from light to dark), indicating low to peak fertility, and provide 5-7 days advance notice of ovulation. Planning intercourse for these blue days – the most fertile days of your cycle – will improve your chances of conceiving. OvaCue keeps track of your current cycle day and current fertility status — and stores previous months of readings.

Once you begin use of the vaginal sensor, the monitor is able to track trends in the vaginal readings to determine when your body switches from estrogen dominance to progesterone dominance, the clue it uses to confirm that ovulation occurred. As you move through your fertile window, signified by the blue days on the calendar, the monitor will be tracking the vaginal readings closely so that it can detect the trend it is looking for to confirm ovulation. Once this trend is detected, the monitor will display a pink box, indicating “possible ovulation”. In some cases, depending on the specific hormonal fluctuations of the user, the monitor will also display a purple box two or more days following the pink box, which also indicates “possible ovulation.” Please note that when both a pink and purple box are displayed on the calendar during a cycle, interpretation of actual reading data may be required to determine whether ovulation occurred with the pink box or with the purple box.

Works for Irregular Cycles and PCOS Unlike Urine Tests

OvaCue is used successfully by women with irregular cycles and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). While other fertility monitors predict ovulation based on the attainment of a pre-determined level of a given hormone (either luteinizing hormone, estrogen, or a combination of the two), OvaCue has no predetermined level set — rather, it interprets each reading in your cycle in relation to your previous readings. OvaCue doesn’t look for a specific reading based on statistical averages, it looks for an overall trend in your body’s own unique readings. It is truly personal to you! This method of ovulation determination is particularly suitable for women with irregular cycles since a hormonal imbalance may prevent you from reaching a predetermined hormone level prior to ovulation.

Seamless Access Across Devices and Unheard of Levels of Support

With your purchase of an OvaCue Fertility Monitor, you will also receive free, unlimited access to OvaGraph, the official charting tool of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. You will be able to view all the same data no matter whether you are on desktop/laptop, tablet or smart phone.

It often comes as a surprise to our customers, but OvaCue Specialists at Fairhaven Health will assist you with interpretation of OvaCue readings, whenever necessary. And the vibrant OvaGraph community is always ready to assist and sprinkle you with baby dust! Every woman is unique but you are not alone in your journey to pregnancy.

Chart. Learn. Share. Anywhere.
OvaCue Specialists Will Help You Interpret Your Charts
3 stars
Jan 23, 2020

Not sure

I have used both old and new ovacue for around 12 years and like the older one better. However i find that i am getting low reading in my luteal phase much lower than when fertile and my progesterone blood test came back with great levels. Im not sure the vag wand is working correctly. Also the bag it comes in is tiny and doesnt keep everything concealed or protected. My old vag wand broke so got a new one and within days the bit that goes into the wand started to Split and come away and definately wadnt as sturdy as the one i had before. Contacted fairhaven and they asked if i was storing it properly…..yes in the little bag you provided. They did replace it but i felt quite angry of being accused of not being careful with it. Well since the new one they sent is not working either. The cord covering is splitting and not the same quality as my first ovacue. Not sure i recommend this product due to cheaper manufacturing and accuracy. My opks tell me the exact same info without the hassel. Being an international customer its way toooo expensive to have to keep replacing the wands. My current mouth sensor is also splitting which is odd….

*By T dee

5 stars
Dec 22, 2019

Wonderful experience

I used the OvaCue for conceiving my first and am just about to start using it to try for our second. I have PCOS and very irregular cycles – I used this for about 6 months prior to really “trying” and it helped identify the right time to do so. I was pregnant on the third month of trying. After being told for about ten years that I was going to struggle to get pregnant, this was such an amazing resource. My OB and I preemptively booked an appointment with an infertility specialist 6 months out and I honestly waited until the last minute to cancel, thinking it couldn’t be possible that I could be truly pregnant. I am so thankful I found this, and while I know it won’t be helpful for everyone I hope this review helps another PCOS-er feel more confident that it just might be ok.

*By Stephanie

4 stars
Oct 22, 2019

Good way to see what your body is doing.

I’ve been using the monitor for 2 cycles now and have gained a lot of insight into the fluctuations of my body. Unfortunately, my monitor/senors malfunctioning, causing inaccurate readings throwing off the data. I lost about 2 weeks of information when it was crucial in my cycle, making it so that myself and Ovacue specialists were unable to interpret my cycle at all. Ovacue was prompt to respond and replace my monitor promptly, but this still didn’t account for the lost time.

*By Monique

5 stars
Aug 6, 2019

Turned Our Fertility Journey Around

Used Ovacue alongside assisted Clomid cycles and this tool outsmarted my in-clinic ovulation tracking & ultrasounds as confirmed by blood tests across 3 different cycles. We became pregnant with our first after so much heartache and waiting and I know Ovacue was a part of our blessing and I hope other couples experience the confidence we did in being able to truly pinpoint my cycle, and from home too. This product is incredible and should be a part of your kit if you need more cycle knowledge.

*By Sarah V

5 stars
Feb 6, 2019

OvaCue has been spot on!

I am very grateful for the Ovacue monitor from Fairhaven Health and how it has helped me monitor my cycle. I have a history of estrogen dominance/low progesterone, and the information provided by the Ovacue has been instrumental in monitoring my hormone cycles so I can get the care I need when I need it. My OBGYN has had me follow up with blood tests in laboratories to confirm what I’m seeing and Ovacue has been spot on. Thank you Fairhaven Health for your help for women like me.

*By Audobo

5 stars
Feb 1, 2019

Skeptical turned believer

So, I bought this product a few years ago. I used it to conceive my first child. The first month using it we got pregnant.

Fast forward to now. I have abnormal cycles and 2 recent miscarriages. I thought Id try this again. I also did OPK’s and BBT. I figured I would test if this worked with Pcos/abnormal cycles.

The Opks went postive a day before the ovacue said I was ovulating. Temping later confirmed that was ovulation day as well.

It works! I have a few more days to wait until testing. It truly does the job!

*By Krystal Eicher

5 stars
Jan 15, 2019

So helpful and highly recommended!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has searched countless hours, days, or months for answers of why I’m having so much difficulty TTC. I’ve done the billion tracking apps available both on my phone and online, the BBT monitoring, and ovulation testing strips none of which gave me the peace of mind that I’ve gotten from this device! I have shed the tears of feeling like a failure, been angry at my body for not “working right”, and spent more time searching for answers then I ever thought I would need to in order to start a family… So if you are in that same boat or have felt that same way, know you are NOT alone! After a lot of consideration and a long stressful road I finally bit the bullet and purchased this monitor. A bit skeptical I might add bc what else could this tell me that my tracking apps and what not couldn’t… Well here’s the answer, I ovulate almost 1 week before any of the apps I had used were saying I did! Therefore my husband and I would be BD thinking “this time it’ll happen, this time will be it” when in reality we had missed the window all together! It’s already called the miracle of life bc it takes everything working together and at just the right time to conceive but it seriously helps everything to work together if you know when the correct ovulation time frame is! I never leave reviews but in all honesty I actually bought this bc of another review that said according to the ovacue she ovulated earlier than what she had been tracking as well and I thought well if it can happen to one it can happen to me, and it is. Now, I have to let you know I have only had this for about a month and this is the first month TTC with it but I’m more hopeful in our TTC journey now and it has taken the stress away for me! Instead of sitting countless days at my desk or nights staring at my phone inputting numbers and trying to calculate when the “right time” to try is, I wake up and use this first thing in the morning then carry on about my day, it takes the guessing and constant wonder out of it for me! I am hopeful that in the next few months I will be able to update this review and tell you that we finally got our BFP but until then I will keep using this monitor to learn more about my body during this journey and continue to place my trust in God’s timing!!

*By rhrichardson8

5 stars
Nov 1, 2018

My husband and I were trying to conceive for 5 years naturally and nothing was working, strips, basal temperature tracking, you name it we tried it. Then I came across OvaCue and it made sense to me. I got pregnant the very first month we used it. Now our daughter is 2 and we’re wanting to expand the family. We are definitely going to use Ovacue again, without a doubt. Baby dust to all and thanks Ovacue!!!!

*By Glo

5 stars
Sep 17, 2018

Most wonderful ovulation monitor ever!

I purchased this about 7 years ago, my youngest turns 6 today! I’m currently ttc #4. I will forever use fairhaven products. If nit for this monitor, with vaginal sensor, I highly recommend getting vaginal sensor, I wouldn’t have my sweet Jackson. (I also have 12yr old twin boys) I tried for 16 months to get pregnant without using this monitor and using every other product and still was unsuccessful. I got pregnant the 2nd month with ovacue fertility monitor with sensor. Honestly, the first month was user error. Haha oops. Buy i contacted customer service and they were happy to help me. The next month I did it correctly and 9 months later had my sweet boy. I’ll forever be grateful for that! Now I’m again, ttc and I’m using nothing but fairhaven health products! Thank you Fairhaven for making something that actually works! If you’re trying to conceive, I Highly Recommend this ovacue monitor. You’ll be shocked at the results. I wasn’t ovulating anywhere near what I thought and this told me that. Anyone wanting a baby with fertility problems or someone who doesn’t ovulate regularly this is the product you’ve been waiting on. Plus their pregnancy tests are so inexpensive and are the most sensitive I’ve found other than frer and that test is expensive LOL. Good luck ladies!

*By Katie

5 stars
Aug 23, 2018

Very effective, works every time!

My last ovacue monitor broke after having it almost 4 years. It broke this morning and I saw that there was a sale (great timing) and purchased immediately. it was as easy as a couple of clicks and less than 5 minutes. I have recommended the Ovacue monitor to many friends- very effective and works everytime.

*By Judy

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