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OvaCue Vs. Other Methods Of Ovulation Prediction

Ovulation predictors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from urine-based ovulation tests to high-end electronic fertility monitors. Here, we provide a brief overview of a number of these methods and compare them to the OvaCue.

Fertility Monitor Comparison










Type Electronic Fertility Monitor (Direct Connect Medical Grade Sensors) Oral Thermometer (Bluetooth) Wearable Device (Bluetooth) Vaginal Thermometer (NFC) Electronic Fertility Thermometer (Insert Test Sticks in Monitor) Urine Test Sticks Ferning Microscope Oral Thermometer Oral Thermometer
Measures Electrolytes in saliva and cervical mucus BBT (oral) Skin temperature, pulse, and respiration. BBT (vaginal) LH surge in urine LH surge in urine Saliva electrolytes BBT (oral) BBT (oral)
Use Take 2 readings each day Take temp daily before getting out of bed Wear bracelet all night Insert vaginally for the entire night Test using urine test sticks once per day Test using urine test sticks at least once per day View saliva under microscope Take temp daily before getting out of bed Take temp daily before getting out of bed
Advance Notice of Ovulation 5-7 days No advance notice 1-5 days No advance notice 1-5 days 0-24 hours 4-5 days 24 hours Unknown
Accuracy of Prediction 98.3% User-dependent 89% 89% 73% 94% User-dependent User-dependent User-dependent
Confirms Ovulation Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes
Price $299 $129 $249 $299 $110 +test sticks each month $15 per month $25 $330 $39
Companion App OvaGraph
(4.4 stars)
(4.6 stars)
(3.7 stars)
(4.0 stars)
None None None DaysyView
(3.0 stars)
(4.0 stars)
FDA Approved Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

“I was on birth control for ten years. I went off them and began having irregular periods. After three months of using the OvaCue, I am now 11 weeks pregnant. This product is amazing!”
– G.W., Garland TX

Gold Standards for Ovulation Detection

Blood serum LH

Measuring LH in the blood is an excellent method for predicting ovulation in a medical setting. It can give several hours notice of ovulation, allowing a reasonable amount of time for deposition of semen.


There is no better method for precisely determining the time of release of the ovum. Unfortunately, ultrasound cannot predict ovulation, only confirm it.

OvaCue Fertility Monitor®

The OvaCue requires no urine handling. It Provides up to 7 days notice of ovulation with 98.3% accuracy. Unlike other methods, it directly measures the ovulatory process. There are no recurring costs.

Urine-based Ovulation (LH) Tests

Urine-based ovulation testing attempts to identify the peak in luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine that occurs 12-36 hours before ovulation. Once you see a positive result on the test (also known as OPKs – ovulation predictor kits), you know you are in your fertile window, and ovulation will occur the next day or so. Jokingly referred to as POAS – “peeing on a stick” – by women who are trying to conceive, this method can be an effective way to predict ovulation, but it is not without its mess and frustration. Accurate testing with LH sticks requires that you not use first morning urine (which often means that women need to carry around test sticks in their purse and test at work) and the accuracy is impacted by how much water you drink – too much water can lead to dilution of LH in the urine –  and how well you read the color intensity of the test line in comparison to the control line. Further, some women need to test multiple times per day to avoid missing their LH peak, and if you have an irregular cycle, you might be testing for many weeks before you ever see a positive test result. And finally, LH urine testing will not confirm whether ovulation occurred, which can leave you wondering whether your baby dancing for that cycle was in vain. Bottom line, urine-based ovulation testing frequently involves a lot of effort and mess to get, at best, only 12-36  hours advance notice of ovulation, and that’s assuming you see a positive result on a test. Some women, due to hormone imbalances or ovulatory disorders, never see a positive result. In the Phase II NIH study comparing the OvaCue Fertility Monitor with LH tests, a positive reading from LH tests was not reached at all in the 24% of the cycles tested.

Basal Body Temperature

Charting your basal body temperature (BBT) is simple way to begin to better understand your menstrual cycle and fertility status, as it can be used to retroactively confirm that ovulation has occurred. But, unfortunately, BBT won’t provide advanced notice of ovulation, so it isn’t much help if you are trying-to-conceive and need to plan intercourse in advance of ovulation. At best, BBT charting for several months will allow you to establish a pattern to your cycles and approximate the cycle day on which you will ovulate in the coming month, allowing you to guess at your fertile window during the current cycle. Also, the accuracy of BBT charting is greatly impacted by your sleep habits. For best results, you need to get at least 4 hours of sustained sleep each night, and you must take your BBT each morning before getting out of bed or moving around. Buyer beware: Many of the “fertility monitors” currently being sold are nothing more than a BBT thermometer with a fancy charting app. Again, these products can provide confirmation of ovulation, if temps are taken accurately, but are limited when it comes to predicting ovulation.

OvaCue Fertility Monitor vs. Transvaginal Ultrasound

Transvaginal ultrasounds allow physicians to see your ovaries, measure the size of your follicles, identify when the dominant follicle is selected, and see when the egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube. This procedure is the most accurate way to pinpoint your most fertile days, but it is neither convenient nor economically feasible. Read a detailed analysis of how the OvaCue stands up against the transvaginal ultrasound.

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