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OvaCue Fertility Charting Blog

Whitney OvaCue SpecialistHi! My name is Whitney, and I work for Fairhaven Health. We thought it might be helpful for people considering purchasing the OvaCue to see it in action. I’ve been using the OvaCue on a daily basis for years to track my “somewhat regular” cycle 🙂

My hope is that this blog can be helpful for women with all different cycles who use the OvaCue. In addition to posting my own cycle data, I’ll also provide “guest” charts to help interpret cycles that may not be so black and white.

Additionally, I will touch upon many of the common customer service questions that come up. Hopefully, this blog will provide you with a better understanding of how the OvaCue works with somewhat regular and irregular cycles, and the valuable insight it can provide you. And of course, if you have any questions, always feel free to reach out!!!

September 2019

Cycle Day 7 – September 12, 2019

Hello all! As some of you may know, I generally see a 28-ish day cycle length - sometimes a day or two longer or shorter than that. After I knew I had started my current cycle last Friday (not just spotting!), I went in and updated the Settings in my unit to reflect my new cycle day. When you're updating your Settings, you'll see that Cycle Length field in there. I've had a few questions about that this past week, so I figured we could chat about that! I always [...]

Cycle Day 4 – September 9, 2019

Hello all! I don't know where the last 2 weeks have gone! I'm not sure how we're already into the second full week of September, but here we are! As many of you may or may not know, I'm a huge fan of the warm, summer weather, so I'm going to cling to that heat for as long as I can 🙂 As you can see, I started a new cycle at the end of last week. Once I knew for sure that I had started a new cycle (actual [...]

August 2019

Cycle Day 12 – August 22, 2019

Hello! It's possible I may have just ovulated! If you remember, I'm looking to see my vaginal readings declining or decreasing as I'm nearing ovulation and then see them rise and remain elevated after ovulation has happened. Well, I saw a vaginal low of 114 yesterday and today, my reading was 120 - a rise! I'm trying not to be a broken record here, but this is where watching my readings is helpful! The rise that I saw in my vaginal readings was just a bit too small for the [...]

Cycle Day 10 – August 20, 2019

Hello friends! As you can see, I'm getting closer to the more interesting part of my cycle. I'm making my way towards ovulation and entering my predicted fertile window. I saw a possible 'cue peak' in my oral readings on CD 5/6/7 (remember, that's just one higher oral reading followed by two lower readings). A 'cue peak' is letting me know that my body has selected a dominant follicle - this typically happens about 5-7 days before ovulation. This is also how that predicted fertile window populated out for me [...]

Let’s Interpret Together!

Happy Friday All! I'm on CD 6, so I don't have too much interesting to share about my cycle yet. This week, I've heard from some ladies who have had some outside factors play into their cycle and impact when they ovulated, so I thought we could chat about that today. You'll always hear me talk about interpreting the readings that you see with your OvaCue sensors. The trends that these readings show you are really the most helpful when you're figuring out when you're most fertile and when ovulation likely [...]

The Purple Box

We've all been there... minding our own business, taking our readings, and then the purple box dares to pop up! Well, thankfully it's really not a big deal to see that! If anything, it's just a little more information. So, I thought it would be helpful to have a guest post from the (not so scary) Purple Box: Dear OvaCuties (my pet name for all of you OvaCue users), I think we got off on the wrong foot. I’ve heard a lot of things lately that have led me to [...]

When to start a new cycle

Hello friends! My cycle is getting close to wrapping up, so I thought this could be a good time to go over what to do when you see a new cycle start. When using the OvaCue, we recognize Cycle Day (CD) 1 as the first day that you see full bleeding - not spotting. It doesn't matter if you see bleeding begin in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Whatever day you see that begin, that's your new CD 1. I know it can get a little confusing if you're seeing [...]

Tips from Toni…

Hi ladies! As you may or may not know, we partnered up with Toni Weschler (author of Taking Charge of Your Fertility) on our charting site, back in 2015. In her book, Toni offers a ton of information about charting your cycles. Many of the signs that she describes can be helpful in addition to your OvaCue readings too! Along with the helpful tracking information from the book that we've incorporated into OvaGraph, Toni also provides helpful tips and stories that are always a quick and fun read. Check out [...]

Should you take your oral readings through your whole cycle?

This is a question that has been coming up lately, so I thought it would be good to touch on it! I always, always recommend that you're taking those oral readings daily (starting on CD 2 or CD 4 at the latest!) throughout your whole cycle. Those oral readings are giving you advance notice about when you may be gearing up to attempt to ovulate, so they can be super important! If you were to take a look at some of my more recent charts on OvaGraph, you'll see that [...]

July 2019

I’m Back!!

Hello my fellow OvaCueties! You may have noticed that I've been popping up on the forums (and replying to emails and chatting with you on the phone!). We've had some changes here in the office, so I'll be back handling all things OvaCue and OvaGraph related! I've always loved getting to help you ladies with your charts, so I'm looking forward to being more 'hands-on' again! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about your readings or your charts or anything in between! -Whitney

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