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OvaCue Fertility Charting Blog

Whitney OvaCue SpecialistHi! My name is Whitney, and I work for Fairhaven Health. We thought it might be helpful for people considering purchasing the OvaCue to see it in action. I’ve been using the OvaCue on a daily basis for years to track my “somewhat regular” cycle ūüôā

Hello! I’m Andrea. I’m an OvaCue Specialist at Fairhaven Health too. I recently started using the OvaCue and I’m excited to see what this unit can tell me about my cycles and my body.

Andrea OvaCue Specialist¬†Our hope is that this blog can be helpful for women with all different cycles who use the OvaCue. In addition to posting our own cycle data, we’ll also provide “guest” charts to help interpret cycles that may not be so black and white.

Additionally, we will touch upon many of the common customer service questions that come up. Hopefully, this blog will provide you with a better understanding of how the OvaCue works with somewhat regular and irregular cycles, and the valuable insight it can provide you. And of course, if you have any questions, always feel free to reach out!!!

July 2020

Fertile Window

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a nice long weekend. I entered my fertile window yesterday after my 'cue peak' was detected on CD 5/6/7. I am now looking for my vaginal readings to start declining. Between yesterday and today they have declined, but my readings tend to fluctuate around ovulation. The monitor is predicting ovulation for CD 13. We will see! -Andrea

New Cycle

Hi! I start a new cycle a couple days ago. That puts my last cycle at 27 days, the one before that at 24 days and the cycle before that at 16 days. I am not sure I would consider my cycle regular at this point. Fertile signs were easily recognized this cycle. They aren't always, so this was nice to see. Do your cycles shift in length at all? Have a wonderful week! -Andrea

June 2020

CD 25

Hi! So far, my cycle has been 25 days. This is bringing my luteal phase to 11 days so far which is great for me! I am hoping my cycle is a few days longer for what might be my first luteal phase length of recommended length! -Andrea

Luteal Phase

I hope everyone has had a nice week. It looks like CD 11/12 is my likely ovulation trend. I am now in my luteal phase and my vaginal readings are staying elevated so far! I will keep monitoring my readings and note the length of the luteal phase. Have a wonderful weekend! -Andrea

Fertile Window

Hi Everyone! I hope this finds you all well. I entered my fertile window on CD 7. My vaginal readings have been steadily declining. I am expecting ovulation to happen in the next day or so as I am seeing more fertile signs now then I have in my last few cycles. What CD are you on? -Andrea  

New Cycle

Hello Everyone. I hope you are all doing well and taking care of yourselves. I am now on CD 8. My last cycle was 24 days which is a pretty normal cycle length for me. I moved into my fertile window again on CD 4/5/6. Since my readings do seem to stay elevated during my luteal phase, it's harder for me to pin point my exact ovulation trend. CD 11/12 or CD 13/14 are two possible ovulation trends. Do you have more than one ovulation trend in a cycle? -Andrea

May 2020

CD 20

Where has this week gone?! I hope everyone is doing well. I am CD 20 and happy to say this cycle is lasting longer than the last! However, my readings aren't staying as elevated as I would like after possible ovulation on CD 11/12. I will keep you posted on my luteal phase length! -Andrea

CD 13

Happy Friday! On CD 12 I saw a rise in my vaginal reading which populated a pink box, a possible ovulation trend. However, today my reading declined lower than CD 11. I am still seeing fertile signs so I will continue keeping an eye on my vaginal readings to see if they decline more or rise. Have a wonderful long weekend! -Andrea

Fertile Window

Hello! I moved into my fertile window on CD 7. Currently, I am on CD 11. My vaginal readings are steadily declining, which is great compared to last cycle. I have noticed more fertile signs starting yesterday, as well. This cycle is looking a more 'normal' than the last. I will keep you posted on any ovulation trends I see. I hope everyone is holding up well! -Andrea

New Cycle

Hello everyone! Well, my last cycle did not turn out how I expected it to at all. It was 16 days long. I believe that is a first for me. I was really confused by what the OvaCue was showing and this is probably why. For a recap- my 'cue peak' was detected on CD 4/5/6 which is typical for me. My vaginal readings declined on CD 6 and rose on CD 7. That would be very early for ovulation to happen as the dominant follicle was just selected on [...]

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