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OvaCue Fertility Charting Blog

Whitney OvaCue SpecialistHi! My name is Whitney, and I work for Fairhaven Health. I thought it might be helpful for people considering purchasing the OvaCue to see it in action. If you’re already taking your OvaCue readings, I hope I can give you some extra tips and tricks to make sure you’re getting the most out of it from the start!

I use the OvaCue on a daily basis to track my somewhat ‘regular’ cycle. I’m hoping this blog can be helpful to women with all different cycles who use the OvaCue. In addition to posting my own cycle data, I’ll also be providing “guest” charts to help interpret cycles that may not be so black and white. You’ll also get to know a little bit more about me!

Cassie OvaCue SpecialistHello! My name is Cassie, and I am the newest member here at Fairhaven Health. Just recently I was diagnosed with PCOS. Since starting at Fairhaven, I have been using the OvaCue to track my very irregular cycles to better understand what this hormone imbalance means for me. I’m looking forward to tracking my cycle and getting to know all you ladies!

Additionally, we will touch upon many of the common customer service questions that come in. Hopefully, this blog will provide you with a better understanding of how the OvaCue works with somewhat regular and irregular cycles, and the valuable insight it can provide you. And of course, if you have any questions, always feel free to reach out!!!

June 2019

Cycle Day 18 – June 14

Hello OvaCue world! Summer seems to be un full swing here in the PNW. It’s been nothing but clear sunny skies, and heat - which is some of my favorite weather. It always makes me want to be outside and keep a bit busier than usual. So sometimes I find it hard to remember to take my readings. I’ve been finding that reminder in my cellphone saves me this time of year. As someone with irregular cycles, missing a reading can be pretty detrimental to know what is going on. [...]

Cycle Day 8 – June 4

Happy June OvaCue world! I don’t know how about you guys but I am pretty excited it’s almost summer. While Fall and Halloween will always be my all time favorite time of year, Summer definitely comes second. BBQs, hanging out by the lake, and lots of sunshine. Anyways, I stated a new cycle a couple weeks ago. This put me at a 28 days cycle this time around. I saw declining vaginal readings through CD16 and a rise on CD 17 - a possible ovulation trend. This lines up with [...]

May 2019

Cycle Day 24 – May 23

Happy Thursday everyone! There isn’t too much to report back on as far as my cycle goes. It’s still looking likely ovulation may have taken place in the 24 hour window between the decline and rise on CD 16/17. There has been some slight decline and rise in my vaginal readings but those readings are still elevated compared to that low I saw just prior to likely ovulation on CD 16. Since there isn’t much to report on here. I thought I’d take a moment to introduce you all to [...]

Cycle Day 21 – May 20 2019

Hello OvaCue world! I can’t believe that May is almost over already. It does seem like the month flew by. Things have finally calmed down in my world, and my cycle seems to reflect that so far. It look like I saw a possible ‘cue peak’ 12/13/14. Which lines up with declining vaginal readings I saw through CD 16 and that rise on CD 17 - a possible ovulation trend. So far those vaginal readings have remained elevated like I want to see after likely ovulation. I’ll just want to [...]

Cycle Day 9 – May 8 2019

Happy May Everyone! This last cycle was a bit longer for me. It was a bit of a stressful month. I came down with a cold, and I started a new exercise routine. So it all makes sense. It’s amazing learning just how much different changes and environmental factors can impact our bodies and our cycles. The news about this longer cycles is that I still saw a healthy luteal phase. That’s been an intermittent issue for me in previous cycles. This time around I saw declining vaginal readings through [...]

April 2019

Cycle Day 33 – April 25

Hello OvaCue world! I finally saw an ovulation trend in my OvaCue readings. My vaginal readings were declining through CD 23 and rose on CD 24. They have remained elevated when compared to that CD23 reading. So even though I’ve seen some up and down in those readings, I’d still be inclined to predict that likely ovulation may have taken place in the 24 hour window between the decline and rise on CD 23/24. This lines up with that possible ‘cue peak’ I saw on CD 16/17/18. This is a [...]

Cycle Day 23 – April 15

I hope you all had a great weekend! As for my cycles my vaginal readings there was a slight decline and rise on CD 17/18. This could line up with that possible ‘cue peak’ I saw on CD 10/11/12. However those vaginal readings didn’t remain elevated like I’d want to see after likely ovulation. They continued to decline, which means I’ll want to be sure to be considering myself fertile and watching for them to rise. This lines up with that ‘cue peak’ I saw on CD 16/17/18. I’ll be [...]

Cycle Day 20 – April 12

Happy Friday OvaCue world! Since these isn’t much going on in my cycles, I wanted to take a moment to go over a guest chart. This week I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the pink and the purple box, and which one is most likely ovulation. After a little over a year of blogging about my cycles we all know they can be long, and well kind of boring sometimes, so I thought this would be a good time to dive into this further. Seeing both a pink [...]

Cycle Day 17 – April 9

Last time I checked in with you all, I saw a ‘cue peak’ on CD 6/7/8. I ended up missing my oral reading on CD 11, so it’s tough to say if I saw another ‘cue peak’ there or not. However I am currently seeing declining vaginal readings. These start around CD 11 or so and have continued to decline through that reading I took yesterday. This means that I will be wanting to be considering myself fertile and watch for those readings. That can indicate the switch to progesterone [...]

Cycle Day 11 – April 3

Hi there OvaCue world! I just thought I’d update you all on my cycles. Since I have PCOS and longer irregular cycles I’ll want to make sure that I don’t rely solely on the predicted color coding but watch the reading themselves. If we take a look at my oral reading I saw possible ‘cue peak’ on CD 6/7/8. This could mean that I might be gearing up to ovulate in the next 5-7 days or so. So I’ll next want to be watching my vaginal readings to decline, and [...]

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