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As a health care professional, you recognize that educating your patients about the menstrual cycle is a vital part of the trying-to-conceive process. The more your patients know about the way their bodies work, the more efficient and productive your visits will be. The OvaCue® Fertility Monitor helps women pinpoint their most fertile days, giving them the best opportunity for conception during each cycle.

How the OvaCue® Works

The OvaCue® Fertility Monitor is a hand-held electronic monitor with a color screen, a spoon-sized oral sensor and a vaginal sensor. The OvaCue® provides 5-7 day advance notice of peak fertility and confirms ovulation by using the patented Electrolyte MethodTM to measure and track changes in the electrical resistance and ionic concentrations in the saliva and cervical mucus. As a woman moves through her menstrual cycle, the levels of various hormones circulating in her body go up and down, and these hormonal fluctuations produce changes in the electrolyte characteristics of her saliva and cervical mucus. Using measurements obtained from the oral and vaginal sensors, the OvaCue® produces a numerical reading that reveals the relative trends in electrolyte levels. This allows the OvaCue® to identify the hormonal changes that occur during the ovulatory process, thereby allowing it to predict and confirm ovulation.

Oral readings:
Starting with Cycle Day 2, a woman uses the oral sensor to take an oral reading each morning, just after waking, and before eating or drinking. The monitor will track trends in the oral readings, and will be looking specifically for a trend called the Cue Peak. The Cue Peak, or the peak value in salivary electrical resistance (SER), is a high oral reading followed by two lower oral readings. This Cue Peak trend reflects hormonal changes that coincide with the selection of the dominant follicle. Once the dominant follicle is selected and begins to mature, increased estrogen production causes an increase in adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and aldosterone, which causes an increased production of sodium chloride (NaCl). This increase in NaCl is reflected in the saliva. The peak SER reflects the lowest levels in NaCl production, and occurs simultaneously with the selection of the dominant follicle. Because the selection of the dominant follicle occurs 5-7 days before ovulation, once the monitor detects the Cue Peak trend it is able to predict peak fertility up to 7 days in advance. The monitor displays a fertile window on the calendar in varying shades of blue, with the darkest blue indicating peak fertility. To maximize the chances of conceiving, women should time intercourse daily on the darkest blue days, and every other day on the light blue days.

Vaginal readings:
A woman will begin taking vaginal readings once menstrual bleeding has stopped. The OvaCue® will interpret these readings and track changes in the electrolyte levels in the cervical mucus that reflect fluctuations in estrogen levels. This allows the monitor to detect the estrogen surge that occurs just prior to ovulation, and the subsequent shift from estrogen to progesterone dominance that coincides with ovulation. Relatively low vaginal readings indicate relatively high estrogen levels and/or low progesterone levels. Alternatively, relatively high vaginal readings indicate high progesterone levels and/or low estrogen levels. In the days just prior to ovulation, a downward trend in the vaginal readings is typically observed, which reflects the surge in estrogen that precedes ovulation. The lowest point of vaginal electrical resistance (VER), which corresponds to the highest NaCl production, occurs approximately 1 day prior to ovulation. When the monitor detects this vaginal low, and a subsequent rise in the vaginal readings, it will display a pink box indicating possible ovulation. The pink box typically indicates that the shift from estrogen dominance to progesterone dominance has occurred and that the fertile window is closed. While only a vaginal ultrasound can confirm successful ovulation with 100% accuracy, the OvaCue® provides valuable information about the hormonal changes that are necessary for ovulation to take place.

Benefits for health care professionals:

  • Early detection of potential fertility issues
  • Education for patients about how the menstrual cycle works
  • Detailed information about hormonal trends
  • Online information and tools at

Benefits for patients:

  • Convenient and easy-to-use – no urine test sticks!
  • Identifies the most fertile days of the cycle with 5-7 day advance notice
  • Confirms ovulation by detecting the shift from estrogen to progesterone dominance
  • Ideal for women with hormonal imbalances or deficiencies, as it tracks trends in hormones instead of measuring absolute levels of hormones
  • Customer service support and online resources at and

Comparison of Ovulation Predictors:

 Key Benefits

 OvaCue Fertility  Monitor


 OV Watch

 LH Urine Test

 Basal Body Temp

 Advance Notice of

 5-7 days

 1-5 days1

 1-4 days

 0-24 hours


Provides Complete
 Fertility Window2






 Accuracy Level






Confirms Ovulation






1Source:Unipath ClearBlue Easy Physician’s manual, page 23
2 Defined as a six-day period ending on the day of ovulation. (Ref: Timing of sexual intercourse in relation to ovulation. Wilcox AL et al. N Engl J Med 1995; 333 (23): 1517-1521.)
3Source: Unipath ClearBlue literature

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