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5 stars
Aug 23, 2018

Very effective, works every time!

My last ovacue monitor broke after having it almost 4 years. It broke this morning and I saw that there was a sale (great timing) and purchased immediately. it was as easy as a couple of clicks and less than 5 minutes. I have recommended the Ovacue monitor to many friends- very effective and works everytime.

*By Judy

3 stars
Aug 20, 2018

I’m still new to using the monitor and charting period. I’m not using it to get pregnant just trying to see if I ovulate or not (although I take BCP) . I really don’t know how to read the charts and I have needed help to understand my chart with the OvaCue Specialists. Thank goodness for the free help. The device helps I think.. I had ovulation pain the same day the device showed I ovulated. Having crazy hormonal issues (PCOS being one) that tells me that it works.

*By LJ

5 stars
Aug 8, 2018

It worked for me

When I first bought this back in 2014, I was skeptical about it since I had irregular menstrual. When it arrived, I tried it the first time and along with the clear blue ovulation kit and sure enough I got a pink for ovulation. I ovulated the week of thanksgiving and on my bday . Sometime toward the end of December I found out I was pregnant with my 5th child.
Feb/mar I found out at about 16 weeks I was pregnant with my only daughter.
Thank you ovacue, I was going to give up Ttc a baby girl. Hoping to use this for maybe my next baby.

*By Tsheng

5 stars
Jul 3, 2018

wow – I was doing it wrong

I had been using an ovulation calendar to determine when I ovulated for the last year and couldn’t get pregnant. So I bought the ovacue and 2 months later – BAM! I’m pregnant. Turns out I ovulate earlier than the calendar indicated and ovacue helped me realize that. So happy! True thanks to god, though, where all blessings come from.

*By Tessa

3 stars
Jun 29, 2018

New to it, but overall disappointed so far for the investment it costs

I’ve been using this product for about 15 days now. I’m nursing and using it to keep from getting pregnant. For the price, I was a little disappointed at the outdated technology. You have to toggle between fields with arrows on the monitor – a little laborious late at night or first thing in the morning when you’re taking readings. I was really hoping this would be a little easier to use than it actually is, but that might be because I’m new to it. I was charting with the Fertility Awareness Method and decided to take the plunge on this because I thought it would do the charting for me. But it doesn’t really work like that, which is also disappointing. It takes you working at it to interpret the data, which is a daunting process to start. I’m also confused by how to use the monitors. The readings change considerably if you take them back to back which makes me really wonder how accurate they are. I wish there was a little more info on that in the booklet. Not much info comes in the actual booklet. It does stress repeatedly to start on day 2 of your cycle, but doesn’t ever tell you how to know what day 2 of your cycle is. That might be a given for many of you, but for those of us new to charting, this isn’t so obvious. And I wish there was an accurate description, or diagrams, on how to actually take each reading. I don’t drink or eat or do much of anything before my readings, but the readings vary depending on how dry my tongue is (ie. the moment I wake up) or if I touch my tongue to the roof of my mouth. If the monitor is projecting based on the slightest increase/decrease of your readings, it’s questionable to me how accurate I’m getting with it if that slight a change changes my readings. The same with the vaginal reading – depending on where it’s inserted you get different readings. So if it varies that wildly, I’d just like to know EXACTLY where it’s suppose to be – diagrams would be helpful there.

*By JB

4 stars
May 20, 2018

Don’t know how accurate the monitor is!

Just started using the monitor this cycle, I am on cycle day 12, however on cycle day 10 it stated ovulation confirmed. However, I took a OPK yesterday and it stated low and then one today and it stated high. So how is it that I already ovulated when I am getting mixed signals from the monitor and the OPK?

*By Jenn

3 stars
May 16, 2018

Little misleading

Bedt if you allow purchaser to read directions prior to purchase. Seeing how it truly works, would have thought twice in how it does not measure anything discernable but measures trends that have to be started on certain day to measure.

*By Renee J Hursh

5 stars
May 11, 2018


With PCOS I was excited to find a product that had been tested on people with PCOS. Sadly I have been using it for 3 months and I’ve only ovulated once so no success story yet.

*By Lindsey Papineau

5 stars
May 11, 2018

Baby # 3 on his or her way!!

I do have fertility issues but I have irregular cycles, which makes pinpointing ovulation hard. I am elated I conceived my first month using the Ovacue and would recommend it to family, friends, etc. without any reservations.

*By Amanda

5 stars
Apr 7, 2018

Well another success story…

I’m 38 and had one early miscarriage 6 months ago. Since then had no luck, even using opks.
Bought the OvaCue as a last resort before a trip to the doctors. I started on day 6, so I figured the results might not be great this first month, but with temp tracking etc it helped me get a picture of what was going on. What I did find out is that my body tries several times to ovulate, so ovulating later than expected. As a result we BD much later into the month and I had my first positive pregnancy test a few days before my period was due! Very unexpected!!!
The charting and results can be a bit confusing and vague, so I recommend using everything, temps and opks and it will help you understand what your body is doing!!! I wish I had bought this at the beginning!

*By Tash

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