Fertility Monitors and NFP

Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a method of monitoring symptoms in a woman’s body to determine the best time for intercourse to either achieve or avoid a pregnancy. Natural Family Planning is typically presented as a natural alternative to medical birth control methods, and NFP advocates often claim that your body produces all the information you need to monitor your fertility without assistance.

In practice, however, many of these symptoms are either hard to monitor or give uncertain results. With an OvaCue Fertility Monitor, a couple can identify precisely which days the woman can or cannot conceive.

The OvaCue Fertility Monitor is allowed to be marketed only as an aid to conception. However, the manufacturer of the monitor may seek approval for contraceptive use of its devices, based on promising research such as this scientific study done at Marquette University.

If you do plan to use the monitor for Natural Family Planning, please consider the following items:

  1. The OvaCue is not approved as a contraceptive device. Fairhaven Health is only able to provide Customer Support regarding the use of the monitor as an aid for conception.
  2. Continuation of previous NFP observations is recommended for at least the first two cycles using the OvaCue.

Success Stories

loving couple After having to cease use of the contraceptive pill a decade ago I had to find something acceptable to use. I was aware that this is not recommended contraception but felt I was fastidious enough to make it work for me. It has become such a regular part of my life that I really couldn't say for sure how long I have now had it for but it must be for around some 6-8 years. I have had no problems and it has been a revelation to be off 'hormones' (you really don't realise the negative emotional and physical effects until they're out of your system). I have been in a relationship with my partner for 20 years and we now have a one year old baby which we conceived in one month of 'trying' (you can now assume from my disclosures that I'm no spring chicken, so a feat in itself). I continue to successfully use OvaCue as my choice of contraception. - Emma

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