Cycle Day 13 - 3/31/2011

Hi there!

It appears that I'm now in my luteal phase. My vaginal reading was even higher last night signally the presence of progesterone!

CD 3 = Oral 83 (White - Not Fertile)
CD 4 = Oral 133 (White - Not Fertile)
CD 5 = Oral 128 (White - Not Fertile)
CD 6 = Oral 118 - Vaginal 112 (Light Blue - Possible)
CD 7 = Oral 123 - Vaginal 146 (Light Blue - Possible)
CD 8 = Oral 130 - Vaginal 180 (Light Blue - Possible)
CD 9 = Oral 148 - Vaginal 182 (Medium Blue - High)
CD 10 = Oral 149 - Vaginal 116 (Medium Blue - High)
CD 11 = Oral 169 - Vaginal 191 (PINK - Ovulation Confirmed)
CD 12 = Oral 155 - Vaginal 233 (Dark Blue - Peak Fertility)
CD 13 = Oral 117 - Vaginal TBD (Medium Blue - High)

I did want to mention the fact that CD 12 still is displayed as my Peak Fertility day. Once the oral sensor detects my 'cue peak' (selection of my dominant follicle), it will predict out my fertile window. The Peak Day will remain the same. As you incorporate the vaginal sensor, you'll want to closely monitor the numbers. As ovulation approaches, the vaginal readings should drop (indicating an estrogen surge). Then once the monitor detects a vaginal rise, it will produce a pink box. Since I received a pink box on CD 11 - I'm now ignoring the peak day. This was the original prediction and I obviously ovulated earlier than expected!

Have a great Thursday!


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